Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Simple maths: If a=b Then b=a


It’s been a busy few weeks, trying to finish the works and at the same time doing all the organisation as well, it’s just the reality of being an artist here in Nigeria, hence the late post so I apologize.

Also I would like to officially invite you to the exhibition, everything is almost set and here is the invitation and I look forward to seeing you there. It runs for 3 weeks so there’s plenty time to stop by. There is also another blog I created specifically for the show where the works can be previewed just in case you are unable to come see it. I will try my best to be at the gallery everyday after the show opens, please feel to contact me when you want to visit so I can give you a tour.

Anyway here are two more recordings and I would have to make up for the posts that should have been up already.

21st February 2014

I have been looking for answers since last year when I decided to work on this as a project on Ayie and now its February yet nothing, will this project start?? But I need to start so instead of answers, I move forward with questions, I don’t know where to begin, I know nothing, my mind is empty??

So I’m thinking about sculptures, how do you make a sculpture of a person you have never seen? Where do I begin, where’s the starting point?
The portrait I am creating with the weaves, create a certain movement that seem … amoebic in form

24th Feb 2014 (I start to create the first portrait, the one you see in the invitation)

My hair is my connection to Ayie and my daily and constant reminder and sometimes a burden.

More and more I love the endless possibilities of news-prints and this is a performance in itself, when its woven, I take away its voice so it doesn’t speak then it becomes just a tool, I give it a new voice.

She once came, there must be information about her somewhere but I can’t find it, the woven newsprint is visible, you can identify it but you can’t read it…

And just allowing the woven paper travel on the canvas in different directions just shows you how my mind is travelling creating many “maybe” situations.

A pa says I’m his mother, he calls me mummy sometimes, he says she reincarnated through me…

I am using this idea or concept of reincarnation to represent multiplicity, being 2 people in 1 body. Its like a maths equation that says if a=b then b=a

Hence my pictures can be pictures of her, and I now begin to take her form and begin to take over these questions that I am asking about her, so now I ask myself what is my name, where am I from, what do I look like? Etc

Thank you for stopping by, more info soon and please share if you will!


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