Thursday, July 2, 2015

Photo Update from my residency in Johannesburg…



This is a photo update of my work/ project so far at the bag factory residency.

It’s been a great experience experimenting with new materials in this case wire wool and getting myself to draw again.

This must have been from my first few weeks here


This is actually just about 2 weeks ago after several experiments with wire wool as you can see on the table



Creating the structure for the main sculpture from pipes and Styrofoam


Attaching the wire wool




So far so good…

Bini Proverb: Ants cannot get into a tree to eat it if there’s no hole in it

Now that isn’t the final work, I’ll be showing that once the show opens but before then I’ll share some more work in progress photos.

The final show opens next week Wednesday, more details in next post!

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